A voluntary interruption of pregnancy can be required by any woman who think that this pregnancy bring her in a distressful situation. The intervention can be performed until the end of the 12th week of gestation, i.e. 14 weeks after the beginning of the last menstruations (periods). A Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (“VIP”) is carried out by a Gyn/Ob doctor, and is mandatory preceded by two medical consulting and a psychosocial one, optional for aged over 18. The woman and the doctor depending on the term of the pregnancy, of the age of the woman and her health status, choose the procedure, medical or surgical. Abortion are done in health care institutions. However, medical “VIP” - practiced within 5 weeks maximum of pregnancy (i.e. 7 weeks of amenorrhoea) - can now be performed at home.

The French Guidelines File (to be downloaded below) is given to any woman wishing to interrupt a pregnancy at the first doctor visit, preliminary to the intervention. This booklet is intended to bring all the relevant information on:

  • Actual laws & regulations
  • Administrative procedures to be realized
  • Deadlines not to be exceeded
  • for a Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy ("VIP")
  • Cost of a Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy ("VIP") and the relevant covering medical costs
  • Useful addresses and persons to contact

Guidelines File on the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy.

Last update: 10/2/2013