Cervical cerclage

Cervical cerclage is the placement of stitches in the cervix to it closed.

This surgery is performed in order to reinforce the cervix during a pregnancy and to prevent preterm delivery. It can be done to women that already have premature delivery – during the second trimester – or to women with a short cervix, further to cervical surgery (like conization).

The procedure is realized either with a general anesthesia or a regional anesthesia (epidural or spinal block). Usually the cerclage is done through the vagina, then stitches will be placed around the outside of the cervix..
This procedure can be done only after the 1st trimester of pregnancy, and stitches will be taken out during the last trimester (before labor begins).
Hospital stay is around 24 hours, and a fetal viability control will be done before leaving.

Last update: 10/2/2013