Obstetrics & gynecology consultation


Gynecology and obstetrics consultations take place in the new Estuaire Private Hospital offices, inside the medical house, gathering 50 specialized practitioners, a laboratory of biological and medical analysis, as well as a medical imagery center.
Dr Le Digabel’s office offers modern equipment’s (electronic files, echography and colposcopy equipment) as well as comfortable (electronic Ob-Gyn exam table).
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Opening hours

To fix appointment with Dr Le Digabel, please call his secretary: +33 (0) 2 76 89 97 31.

Monday : 2 am / 6 pm
Tuesday : 9 am / 1 pm and 2 am / 6 pm
Wednesday : 9 am / 1 pm
Thursday : 9 am / 1 pm and 2 am / 6 pm
Friday : 9 am / 1 pm and 2 am / 6 pm

Please bring with you following documents for your consultation:

  • Social security card
  • Health insurance card
  • CMU certificate if any

For any cancelation of your appointment, please call secretary as soon as possible – even the day of consultation.


For gynecological emergencies, please contact doctor on duty at +33 (0)825 74 75 76

If you are 3 months pregnant, call Maternity Unit : +33 (0)2 76 89 95 39

Medical expenses

Due to his qualifications and university degrees, Dr Le Digabel practice in sector II free setting fees. A fee complement may be asked, depending on importance and difficulty of the cares to give. This complement will not be reimbursed by the French Public Welfare System (Sécurité Sociale), but can be addressed to your health Insurance company.

If you are not registered in French Public Welfare System, a quote will be given to your health Insurance company.

Few consultation fees are given on the French Public Welfare System website: www.ameli.fr.

In accordance with current legislation, a quote will be given to you for any medical act invoiced upper to 70€.

Dr Le Digabel is member of an agreed financial management association, so you can pay by check. Some payment arrangements can be settled by credit card payment (encashment delayed to 21 days).


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