Dr Le Digabel

Jean-François Le Digabel M.D.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist surgeon

Registered with the Order of Medical Doctors number RPPS: 1000 2591369 (Adeli #: 76 11 1696 1)
Professional Civilian Responsibilities insured.
Teacher for ongoing professional training and professional practices assessment, according to the Supreme Health Authority and the French Health Government.

Professional experience

Private Obstetrician & Gynecologist.

Hospital practitioner at Le Havre Hospital Group.

Fellowship at University Hospital Center of Angers.

Resident in Ob/Gyn Unit at the University Hospital Center of Angers.

Medical student at the Medical University of Tours.

Training & teaching:

Ongoing medical training for specialized doctors & general practitioner for the Havre area

Teaching to Medical University students

Teaching to midwives and nurse students


Graduate of Inter-University Breast Cancer Aesthetic Surgical Techniques (Paris)

Graduate of Law Inter-University for medical examinations and forensic expertise (Paris)

Admitted at the National Hospital Practitioner for Public Health Centers competition

Graduate of Inter-University Fetal Medicine (Tours)

Graduate for Obstetrical & Gynecologists Specialized Classes (Angers)

Full medical degree (Angers)

University Senology degree (Tours)

University Colposcopy degree (Paris)

University of mechanical and technical obstetric (Besançon)

University certificate in genetics for MSBM (Angers)

Professional Organizations

National Obstetrician and Gynecologist College member

Gynecological Oncology French Society member

Gynecological & Pelvic Surgery Society member