Episiotomy can be performed by obstetrician during delivery. Even it is not systematic, rate is around 45% (70% for a first delivery, 30% when already gave birth).

Episiotomy procedure

Episiotomy is a cut the doctor or midwife makes in the perineum, which is the area between vagina and anus, just when the head of the baby is coming out. All different layers of the skin will then be sutured.
Episiotomy is painless when made under epidural anesthesia block. Otherwise a local anesthesia can be given.

Episiotomy indications

There is no specific indication for practicing an episiotomy, but some situations can lead to make it:

  • Forceps extraction of the baby
  • Previous perineal scar
  • Some fetal presentations

Post-episiotomy cares

After an episiotomy you strictly must respect hygienic rules on the perineal area. You may feel some pains the first days (healing process), usually relieved by antalgics and/or ice application.

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