Estuaire Private Hospital offers:

  • 356 beds and medicine hospital stay
  • 20 chemotherapy spaces
  • 52 ambulatory surgery spaces
  • Emergency unit 24/7.

Estuaire Private Hospital is part of the Medical House, which offers:

  • 50 specialized doctors
  • 1 biological and medical analyses laboratory
  • 1 medical imagery center

Estuaire Private Hospital can manage 1.500 childbirths – with appropriate accommodation for mom-to-be. The technical facilities allow 24/7, even in emergency.

Midwives and nursery staff give childbirth classes and newborn cares training inside the maternity unit.

A “nature delivery room” allow de-medicalized childbirths, with dedicated classes previous to the delivery and specific equipment on-site (bath,...).

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Hopital Privé de l'Estuaire

505 Rue Irène Joliot Curie, 76600 Le Havre

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