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Surgery is a basic one for breast cancer treatment.

Surgery procedure

Mastectomy is surgery to remove the whole breast : nipple, aerola, a part of skin, and the complete mammary gland. The pectoralis major muscle – to whom the breast is landed on – is fully respected except for some very rare situations the tumor has spread this area.
After the operation, there will be no remains from the breast, just a scarf; to make it as discrete as possible – especially for low-necked clothes – the scarf is realized as low as possible on the chest according to an axe either horizontal or diagonal for possible future breast reconstruction.
One or two redon’s drain(s) will be left in place for a couple of days, in order to prevent any hematoma.
Hospital stay is from 3 to 5 days.
During the post-operation consultation – about 3 weeks after the surgery – your surgeon will present you all therapeutics solutions, issued from a collective analysis by a multidisciplinary staff.

Risks & Complications

Even if surgery procedures and technics are meticulous, it is not possible to guarantee neither therapeutic success nor a complete absence of intraoperative complications.

During the operation

Blood loss: may rarely lead to a blood transfusion.


- Blood tumor or abscess: It is a pocket of blood or pus that may sometimes lead to a surgery. A redon’s drain can be implanted per-operatory to avoid it.
Generally requires local care, but a surgical evacuation may be an option
- Cutaneous necrosis : it’s linked to a default of the healing process, and may rarely lead to another surgery.

Last update: 10/2/2013