Ovarian cystectomy

The ovarian cystectomy is the surgical removal of an ovarian cyst.

This procedure is requested for the following cases:
- Functional cyst that is larger than 3 cm, persistent for more than 3 month.
- Functional cyst that is larger than 6 cm
- Non functional cyst, but not suspected to be malignant: serous cyst (cyst adenoma), endometrioid cyst, mucinous cyst, dermoid cyst.
- By emergency, because of a pointed complication (twist, internal bleeding, etc ….). The usual procedure used is laparoscopy, under general anesthesia. A laparotomy will be proceed when the cyst is very big, as well as if there is a doubt concerning the nature of the cyst or for any complications during the surgery.
Only the cyst will be removed, and send to the pathologist for microscopic analysis. The ovary is preserved.

Last update: 10/2/2013