Declaration of pregnancy procedure

Déclaration de grossesse

Your doctor will complete a specific form in order to declare your pregnancy, once the 1st trimester is ended and before 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The first two blue leafs need to be sent to the Family benefits organism. Those documents will allow calculating your financial rights.

The third leaf – pink one – will be send to the French Public Welfare System (CPAM). It will allow calculating the administrative date of childbirth and the relevant maternity leave periods.

Please pay attention to the enclosed explanations and keep a copy of the 1st leaf.

Further to this declaration of pregnancy, a maternity notebook will be sent to you. It will be used as a link between all the relevant professionals taking care of your pregnancy, and is full of information concerning pregnancy and maternity.

On another hand, you will also be able to let your employer about your pregnancy.

Last update: 10/2/2013