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Healthy Lifestyle


During pregnancy you will need to sleep enough, to get some rest and to have a good hygiene (oral hygiene in particular).
There is no risk to have sex during pregnancy except if your doctor advises that sexual intercourse be avoided.
Long car journey as well as lifting heavy load is not recommended.

Practicing sports

You are engaged to have regular physic activity. Do not participate in dangerous sports.


As long as there is no identified complications or concerns with your pregnancy, it is generally safe to travel during your pregnancy.
The ideal time to travel is during the 2nd trimester; travels are not recommended from 6th months to 8 months of your pregnancy (22 to 34 weeks of gestation), key period for the fetal development.

Most comfortable and safe modes of transport are train and airplane.
If planning to travel by plane, you will need to get informed about airlines companies’ regulations regarding pregnant women.
Car and coach should be used only for short journey.

In regards to the destinations, some have to be completely avoided :
- Area located above 3.000m of altitude (9,000 feet)
- Countries where anti-malaria medicines are required, especially chloroquine-resistant areas.
- Countries where immunization is required by live attenuated conventional vaccine (yellow fever).

Last update: 10/2/2013