External cephalic version


During the 8th month exam, if the fetus is in breech position your doctor can perform an external cephalic version. This procedure is used to turn fetus from a breech position or side-lying position into a head-down position (vertex) before labor begins.

Your doctor will attempt to turn the fetus. With both hands on the surface of your abdomen – one by the fetus’s head and the other by the buttocks – the doctor pushes and rolls the fetus to a head-down position. This procedure can be performed during 8th and 9th months. Success rate is from 40% to 60%.
In case of failure, the obstetrician will evaluate chances for a natural (vaginal) delivery. According to the weight and size of the baby, as well as size of your pelvis, a C-Section can be planned.

You will have an appointment at the clinic on the day of the version. Previously to the procedure, control of the fetus position and monitoring of its heartbeat are realized. A medicine to relax the uterus may be administrated.
This procedure last only a few minutes, then another heartbeat baby monitoring is made, and sometimes a blood test.
If you are Rh-Negative, a gamma globulin anti D injection will be injected to you.
This procedure is realized as an outpatient basis.

Last update: 10/2/2013